Mentoring for Wyoming Entrepreneurs

The High Plains Mentor Network is a collaborative effort between the Wyoming Business Council (WBC) and the University of Wyoming (UW) to support entrepreneurs across Wyoming. The Network’s goal is to increase the success of entrepreneurs in their startup endeavors by matching experienced startup founders with up and coming entrepreneurs in a long-term mentoring relationship.

The program matches a team of experienced mentors with each entrepreneur, creating a team with a diverse skill set, including whenever possible a mentor from the entrepreneurs industry as well as members with needed skills in marketing, finance, fundraising, etc. Mentorships will last for at least 3-6 months and help the entrepreneur chart a course through the difficult process of starting a company. The relationship will focus on both the development of the entrepreneur and on the success of the startup.

The High Plains Mentor Network is intended to increase the chances of success of Wyoming Entrepreneurs in their startup endeavors, providing cost-free guidance from those with experience in launching successful ventures.

Are you new to entrepreneurship and would like the advice of an experienced company founder to guide you in your journey?

For Entrepreneurs


If you are looking for a mentor please use the Mentor Network Entrepreneur Application. Entrepreneur should have a business concept, preferably in one of the ENDOW targeted industries (agriculture, natural resource, tourism & recreation, advanced manufacturing and knowledge & creative), know they need help and be coachable, have invested a minimum amount of time or money in the project, have identified their target market, and have identified specific goals or milestoneswith which they want assistance.

Get Matched With A Mentor

Are you an experienced company founder who would like to give back to help Wyoming and the Wyoming entrepreneurial community?

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Entrepreneurial mentors are individuals with industry and business experience who have a desire to provide their expertise to new ventures and entrepreneurship. If you're interested in becoming a mentor, please communicate your interest using our Mentor Application Form so we can connect you with appropriate opportunities and ventures that are looking for your specific talents.


Apply to be a Mentor



  • Must have invested over a significant time into a business concept that is preferably in one of the ENDOW five targeted industries and scalable,
  • Must know they need help and be coachable
  • Must have identified their target market,
  • Must have identified specific goals to be achieved during this program, e.g. find customers, develop a marketing strategy, develop a pitch deck or raise capital,
  • But can be working on this project part time


  • Have significant experience relevant to startups,
  • Successfully launched a company,
  • Have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience,
  • Are altruistic and have a goal to give back,
  • Cannot accept compensation,
  • Have time to commit to the program,
  • Are respected by colleagues, and
  • Can act as a role model for young/early stage entrepreneurs.


  • Matching – Entrepreneurs and Mentors who have applied to High Plains will be interviewed and matched by the Advisory Board to the best interest of the entrepreneur
  • Mentor Teams – Ideally a Mentor team will have a diverse background as below:
    • Start-up (or role model) Mentor. This person has started a company, raised funds, run the company and had a successful exit or IPO.
    • Industry Mentor. This person has industry specific experience, and networks.
    • Knowledge or Functional Mentor. This person has a specific set of business skills – Legal, Finance, Marketing, Customer Development, Operations etc.
  • Expectations – Entrepreneurs and mentors will be expexted to commit to a minimum of 3-6 months up to one year.
  • Meetings – Mentor meetings will take place at least once a month, with the entrepreneur acting as the meeting organizer and chair to drive the discussion.
  • Training - High Plains will provide training and orientation to the entrepreneur / mentor teams to help set expectations and develop a good working relationship.