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How Have You Applied Lean Startup Principles and Minimum Viable Products?

In the last blog post, we talked about strategies for dealing with uncertainty, unpredictability, and risk: acting, experimenting, learning, and adapting. And we asked about more openly experimenting, learning, sharing lessons learned, and accepting failure as an important element of entrepreneurship. Coincidentally, the new acting University of Wyoming president, Neil Theobald, in one of his first communiques, said, “First, know that it is okay to make mistakes. It’s how we learn. I will make my share of mistakes, and I plan to be open about where I go wrong. A spirit of making – and learning from – mistakes will make our University more effective.”

Why Does Wyoming Need More Failure?

In our travels around Wyoming, we have frequently asked the question, “What do we need to create a more fertile and successful entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state?” The most frequently heard response has been, “Create a more entrepreneurial culture in which failure and sharing the lessons learned is accepted.”

IIE News

UW Hires Experienced Entrepreneur to Lead Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

A successful businessman who has personally founded multiple companies and helped establish many more has been hired to serve as chief operating officer of the University of Wyoming’s new Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IIE).

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

The planned Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship will work with existing programs to promote entrepreneurship in students, faculty members and people across the state.

Startups Across the State

Thanks to UW, Wyoming businesses are getting the help they need to succeed.

Student Entrepreneurs

From food to fashion, research to tech, UW students have great ideas to power the future.

Fostering Innovation

The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship ushers in a new era for students and innovators across the state.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Rile Chair of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Patrick Kreiser believes everyone can benefit from entrepreneurship.

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