IIE Internship Program - Guidance for Students

Application Process

  1. Read this guideline.
  2. Read position descriptions carefully noting the specific responsibilities and requirements or qualifications for the position.
  3. Conduct research about the companies to which you decide to apply. Sources of information include the company’s web site, news articles about the company, or information from the IIE personnel or other contacts.
  4. Visit the University Career Services web site and EPIC for guidance in determining if an internship is suitable, writing a cover letter or email, writing your resume, and interviewing for positions.
  5. Develop your resume or modify it to reflect the specific requirements or qualifications of the internship in the position description.
  6. Submit your cover emails and resume to jmason25@uwyo.edu.


  1. Prepare for the interview.
    1. Review the information about the company and the position.
    2. Prepare questions about the position, your responsibilities, and the company in terms that reflect your interest in learning and contributing to the company.
  2. Dress and conduct the interview professionally.
  3. Be punctual.
  4. Send a brief follow-up thank you email.

First Day

  1. Dress professionally. This will mean dressing more formally until you understand the dress code.
  2. Arrive on time. Bring something, such as a notebook or pad, on which to take notes throughout your internship.
  3. Ask questions. Make sure you understand the expectations, guidance, responsibilities, and initial assignments. Take notes.
  4. Read any material provided about the company, your responsibilities, and to support assigned tasks.

During Your Employment

  1. Listen carefully. Take notes.
  2. Ask questions. Make sure you understand.
  3. Make sure you understand expectations, goals, and assignments
  4. Meet commitments.
  5. Be punctual.
  6. Engage with the company. Participate in company activities and meetings. Join other employees for lunch or other activities.
  7. If there is a risk, challenge, or problem with meeting commitments, identify them early and seek guidance or help.
  8. Keep notes or a journal of your experiences in the notebook or pad.
  9. Provide feedback and suggestions as to how to make you better able to contribute.
  10. Recognize that entrepreneurs are busy, are facing significant challenges, may be less experienced in some employee matters, and make mistakes, too. Be flexible. But don’t be shy about asking for help or guidance or providing feedback.
  11. Keep track of your hours contemporaneously (meaning daily, not at the end of each week or the month) the time sheet in Appendix C at the end of each calendar month, obtain your supervisor’s signature, and email it to the program director. You may also be asked to keep track of your hours by the firm. Do so daily and as directed.
  12. Complete the interim and final evaluations with your supervisor and mentor. Note and address opportunities for improvement.
  13. Upon your last day or opportunity, meet with and thank your supervisor, mentor, and fellow employees.\

After Your Employment

  1. Send a brief thank you email to your supervisor and mentor.
  2. Stay in touch.
  3. Reflect on your internship experience on the SOAR platform.